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“Why should I buy from you?”
is the most important question in marketing!

You’ll want to get a sense of who you’ll be dealing with…

Good news. Turning Leaf will help you transform your brand, get more clients and make more sales.

Here are some of the reasons you can trust us to help you:

  • We have loads of digital marketing experience (Principal Matt Braithwaite-Young has been developing digital businesses since 1996)
  • Our team is experienced – but more than that, we’ve worked on the inside of businesses like yours. We understand the need for sales and profit. And sales…
  • We’re more concerned with results than creativity (we’re not skivvy-wearing creatives; we just like to get things done)
  • What’s right for you is all we care about: there are no vested interests, and certainly no commissions or kickbacks
  • You get a guarantee of satisfaction – your project is guaranteed to work
  • Your project is transferable to a different time if for some reason something crops up
  • We have deep experience over a wide range of industries – bringing you ideas from all corners of the economy
  • Turning Leaf will help you deal with the numbers and analysis, as well as creative and ideas
  • All our marketing advice is based on proven techniques and, where relevant, the latest research in buyer motivation and evolutionary psychology
  • You will also get help connecting your sales and marketing with other parts of your business – we understand supply chain, fulfilment and technology very well

Here are some typical results you can expect from working with Turning Leaf:

  • Enhanced understanding of your customer needs.
  • Increased speed to market for your new products and services.
  • Clarity on brand positioning and strategy.
  • Improved success rates for new products and services.
  • Clearly defined briefs for marketing activities.
  • Improved capacity for measurement of marketing.
  • A rapid introduction of world-class, marketing-based business planning.
  • Hands-on marketing training to bring skills to working or advanced levels.
  • Investment in skills of team members to instil marketing capability.
  • Creation of joint sales and marketing tasks and methods.
  • Advanced training and development in project management.
  • Installation of stage-gate process for innovation process management.
  • Making marketing best practice part of your “business as usual.”

One of our biggest points of difference is our understanding of the importance of human psychology. You see, recent research has thrown a lot of conventional marketing wisdom out the window. It’s also helped us understand why great marketing has – and will continue to – work. Here are some of our favourite authors, to give you a flavour of our underlying thinking:

On Behaviour:
Robert Cialdini – Influence
Dan Ariely – Predictably Irrational
Steven Pinker – How the Mind Works
Daniel Kahneman -Thinking Fast & Slow
Daniel Dennet & Richard Dawkins – everything
Byron Sharp – How Brands Grow

On Culture & Change:
Margaret Wheatley – Leadership and the New Science
Heifeitz & Linsky – Leadership on the Line

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