Reporting from Texas – Austin Marketing Conference

Hi everyone,

I thought I would post a few photos from the Austin web optimisation conference!

First, here is one of the breakout sessions (the conference was at the Music Hall, just down the road from Obama’s Austin visit yesterday so the area was swarming with secret service suits).  There were some very smart people in this session.


Truth is, the USA is waaaay ahead of Australia when it comes to e-commerce.  To illustrate this, consider the average e-commerce TESTING budget in the USA is 5%, and they consider this to be insufficient.   I doubt any more than 10 majors in Australia have any serious testing program.

Even small and medium firms in the USA are doing some SERIOUS work on testing and optimising (they spell it optimizing) their websites.

This shot is of Andy Edwards from eBay.   Understatement of the day was just before this slide when Andy said “let’s get a bit geeky here.”  Then up went the slide of Bivariate fit of Median search times (in seconds) by rank.  In a nutshell, eBay were testing the ups and downs of making certain layout changes.  Ups being better search, downs being the time it takes people to “learn” a new layout.

Split testing Austin

When I get a moment I will write up some main lessons from the sessions.  But what you need to know is, there is no doubt this is the future of marketing.

Now to the fun.

Austin is a major music city.  The Elephant Bar is a sensational jazz bar, known worldwide. I recorded a snippet of this 13-piece big band for you: Voice_Recording

13 pieceIced tea is everywhere…  This is one of the nicest bulk service options I have seen in years.  Big bucket of ice, nice big clear dispensers – awesome.

iced tea


There are probably 100 great bands and venues every night in Austin.  Here is one garden bar in a row of dilapidated town houses-turned-bars just outside the downtown area.  Very cool.




Austin garden
Anyway that’s all for now…





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