Jargon Bingo

Check out this rubbish from Y&R in South Africa which was served up to me by LinkedIn last night:

“As the flagship of Y&R in Africa, the Johannesburg office staff are primed to put ideas beyond advertising. Led by an energetic team of left brain/right brain thinkers, the team collaborates to bring a unique perspective to the marketplace.

Y&R Johannesburg is fully empowered in both ownership and management and our global network of 182 offices employs many of the top industry professionals worldwide.

Our approach is totally results driven; we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations at every turn, in our work and our relationships. Strong strategic thinking has long been the core of our way of working.

The idea of “Best alone. Better Together” lies at the heart of Y&R’s successful business practices with iconic brands, both locally – Pick n Pay, MTN, ABSA, SABC, and internationally – Danone, Colgate and LG, which has allowed us to create a comprehensive 360 degree offering.”

Lets look at this jargon:
Primed to put ideas beyond advertising? (I thought the idea would be central to any advertising?)
Team of Left Brain/Right Brain thinkers (as opposed to what? thinkers with half a brain?)
Fully empowered in both ownership and management (um, if you have to say it…)
Best Alone. Better Together (say what?)
A comprehensive 360 degree offering (ok then)

Do you want to know the best thing? This ad was for copywriters!

“Arms Dealers wanted, with weapons in the form of words”

Nauseatingly Fawning Digital PR

Don’t get me wrong, I like Apple as much as the next guy, and probably as much as this guy:


But is this iPhone article  which was featured on the lead page of the Sydney Morning Herald online a parody of the media love of all things Apple?  It feels like it… just look at the stats:

Branded mentions of iPhone: 7 (5 as iPhone, 1 as JesusPhone)

Photo of iPhone and delighted user: 1

Branded mentions of other Apple services:  MobileMe (2) MacBook, MacBook Pro

Branded mentions of Apple: 3

COME ON Fairfax!  Please at least TRY to make it look like it is real editorial.

Fantastic Marketing – Of A Person!

This weekend’s SMH carried one of the most inspirational ads I have seen for some time.

It was compelling, relevant and eyecatching.  But here’s the twist…. it was NOT for a company, it was someone (Collen Chan) looking for the right place to work.

If I was employing a statistician or analyst I would offer her a job on the spot based on this fantastic effort.

Colleen Chan

(sorry about the resolution – I just got a new phone, upgraded from an N95 to an iPhone, and the only downside with the iPhone is the crap camera (but as someone pointed out to me the other day… it is a telephone after all!  Just got spoilt with the Nokia.  BUT I digress…)

Let’s use the old ABC  to look at why this is suuuuuch a great ad.

Attention:  Well, a job seeker taking out a 1/8 page colour ad in the paper.  That’s gutsy and attention grabbing; it got mine.  Simple visual of the boss wanting people to check with Chan- 8/10

Branding: “Check with Chan” – Make it company policy – such a brilliant idea; and it carries exactly the right message in just 3 words! – 9/10

Communication:  You should put me on your shortlist – you bet.  And contact me on linked in. Perfect.  – 10/10

To anyone considering hiring an analyst/statistician, check her out here:

Invent your own PR platform – claim you’ve outgrown the SYSTEM!

This is an interesting spin platform I wish I had thought of before.  And it could work in any industry that has some kind of generally adopted rating sytem (wine, airline service, the list is endless):


Locigally, you can’t compare another 5 star (NCAP) car with the XC 60

This is great!  The Volvo spin doctors are basically saying that there are not enough stars in the NCAP (New Car Assesment Program) and that (surprise, surprise) the new XC60 is SOooooo good that it effectively demands a new level in the safety rating system.  I have to say, I love the strategy – and it looks like the Sydney Morning Herald took the bait beautifully!

And judging from the reaction at the SHM drive blog discussion on the topic, not one regular punter saw through the clever (we are SOoooo safe….) spin for Volvo that the headline telegraphs:  VOLVO OFF THE SAFETY SCALE!

And the hook could work so easily in other categories.  Take wine.  A line like like “this wine has won so many TROPHIES that we need another level of award!” (trophies are the top score in an Australian wine show) .  Brilliant!

And there is already a growing concern with the devaluation of wine shows here (see this Choice item) and the rampant medal inflation that has bottlers even sticking labels that only look like medals – to attract the attention of the consumer.  Perhaps some wine maker could cry “foul!” and demand to have the system changed to fit their high standards!


Fake medal!

Coud “busting the system” work in your category?  I bet it could.  Give me a shout at www.turning-leaf.com.au!