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Hello!  Do you want to change the way you do marketing? To get unstuck? To finally see through the fog of digital? Or just lift your team’s game?

If you need to transform your marketing fast, we can help you:

  • Get more customers and keep your current customers – online and off
  • Get your customers to buy more, more often
  • Make more profit through pricing management and better margins
  • Create an aligned, focused team so your entire business is heading in one direction
  • Adapt to the changing digital landscape in modern marketing, including online and e-commerce challenges


Turning Leaf is a specialist Sydney marketing consulting firm, and we specialise in helping you transform your marketing and branding.

We have three core services to help you manage your way through the changing times:

  1. Marketing strategy & consulting – where we help you solve your business problems
  2. Advanced facilitation – where we help you develop your team so you make more sales and profit
  3. Audit and capability development – We conduct complete capability audits, and can help you train and equip your team with the right tools, process and technology for the times

The Turning Leaf difference is that our consultants are client-side experienced. We know what it’s like on your side of the desk, and we know what it’s like to manage a bottom line. So we’re different from most in the marketing consulting industry.

Above all, we are not interested in doing anything that’s not directly related to your sales and profit. And we know that the cost of doing nothing, or being stuck, can be enormous.

As you can see from the list below, we’ve probably consulted to your industry.

But even if we haven’t, you can rest assured that all our methods are relevant because no matter what the industry, marketing is always about people. And the nature of people doesn’t change (although their habits certainly do).

Some of the industries we’ve served since 2005:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Alcohol
  • Healthcare & medical services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retailing
  • Research
  • Education & education
  • Transportation & infrastructure
  • Property & Construction
  • Motor vehicles
  • Telecommunications
  • Luxury goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Lighting
  • Advertising
  • Private Equity
  • Finance & Investment
  • Software
  • Energy
  • Ecommerce

Interested? Please download some of our thinking.

And do have a look at what our clients say about their results…

Matthew Braithwaite-Young
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Ask about the famous Turning Leaf fist-pump guarantee.

Turning Leaf 100% satisfaction guarantee

We understand that an investment in marketing consulting or facilitation is significant. We want to take the risk, so there is nothing but the upside for you and your business.

Simply, if you are not delighted with the results of your project – and “pumping your fists” with satisfaction, we will refund your money. A few modest conditions apply. Ask us!