Compare sports

My younger son has a few different sports competing for his attention. Two he’s interested in are soccer and AFL.  It strikes me that one sport is all about leveraging a flash-in-the-pan world cup appearance and milking parents to raise money to subsidise their top level adult teams.  The other sport nurtures young talent to fall in love with the game.  Can you tell which is which?

Junior Soccer:  $200 per season, intra-club, parent referee and coach.

AFL Auskick:  $50 per season, intra-club, dedicated supporters and trained coaches, special offers… the list goes on

Which would you choose?  Of course you would.  And look at their fantastic website.  The AFL is obviously serious about recruitment and the long-term development of the game.

Soccer is once again off on a world-cup fantasy that has nothing to do with the grass roots.  Puh.  Worse, they are spending $45,000,000 of OUR money to do it (yes, that’s 45 MILLION for a BILLIONAIRE to spend on greasing up global sports administrators who are just NOT going to give the soccer world cup to Asia a second time in 10 years.  What a bloody waste….

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