What do we do?

Turning Leaf offers expert consulting to businesses that are ready to take the next step in their marketing.

We deal with all sorts of challenges you may face in your marketing including:

  • Confusion over what to do with digital media (you’re not alone). Digital is moving so fast it might be time for you to adapt.
  • Lack of measurement, or problems understanding ROI – if you can’t understand what works, it makes it hard for you to grow your business.
  • Skills and capability gaps in your organisation – you can’t do it on your own; you need capable people.
  • Lack of clear brand focus and clarity of direction – a clear and shared purpose and brand direction will help you achieve the result you need.
  • Conflict between sales and marketing departments – the most common source of friction in companies!

How do we work?

Strategy and positioning.

Sometimes you will already have a great strategy. If that’s the case, we don’t mess with what’s working. If your brand is positioned clearly and your strategy is clear, we will focus on implementation.
However, if you’d like a second opinion on your options and possible directions, we can help you.

Are you G.A.M.E.?

GAME stands for Goals Activities Measurement and Evaluation. It’s a little acronym to remind us to put together a plan that will work:

  1. Goals: What are we trying to achieve, really?
  2. Activities: What are we going to do that will impact the customer?
  3. Measurement: How will we measure success?
  4. Evaluation: Do we have a time to review the results and draw conclusions?

Turning Leaf develop a plan, then implement it, with these questions in mind.


Turning Leaf works exclusively on a project fee basis. This means we scope and develop a project before we charge you a cent, and from the outset you know where you stand. Hourly based fees are a conflict of interest and deeply unprofessional. A project fee structure ensures that your job will get done regardless of the number of hours, and we are incentivised to get the work done quickly so that you can start getting results.

Why should you consider working with us?

Perhaps you, or your team, are making some of these mistakes:

  • Using the wrong media
  • Not measuring results
  • Not using your database
  • Lacking focus and clarity
  • Not using digital weapons

Perhaps you just feel like your marketing and branding is a bit “foggy” and could do with some clarity, energy and focus? All of these problems can be fixed by a shift in perspective.

Types of Marketing We Do

Types of Marketing

Why Turning Leaf?

If you choose to work with Turning Leaf, you’ll be working with passionate people who will help your business succeed by….


Attract and keep more customers

Turning Leaf has 18 years of experience in helping businesses attract new customers and keep existing ones happy. It starts by putting the customer at the centre of your brand and your business.

It’s about profit

In fact, if you think about it, you only have one REAL source of profit in your business: Your Customer.

Are you ready?

Are you are ready to make your customer the hero in your organisation? Are you are prepared to allow the customer to guide your success.? Will you listen to her? If you are, then you might want to consider working with Turning Leaf.

You’ll have fun!

We love working with brands and businesses that put the customer at the top of the decision-making tree. You and your team will enjoy the process; and companies that have more fun, get better results.


We know first hand what you also know: the best theory in the world is useless without a practical, money-making application in your business. (Oh, and we hate management and marketing jargon as much as you do.)

Matthew Braithwaite-Young