Case Study

Typical Client Benefits: Consulting

  • Access to professional marketing advice and ideas
  • Transformation: Change management as you evolve into a digital marketing business
  • Understanding where you stand through audit services and benchmarking
  • Measurement and evaluation of your marketing and advertising spend
  • Improved speed to market with innovation projects
  • Project management for more effective implementation of marketing projects
  • Training and team development plans
  • Risk management processes for risky and regulated industries
  • Social media mastery and integration
  • Best practice tools and marketing workflows
  • Skill and talent development
  • Insights for growth through research and insight identification
  • Strategic partnerships: A huge range of professional associates to handle any marketing project from idea creation to production and sales.

An East Coast commodity business approached Turning Leaf for help promoting its products to a niche – but high value – audience. To make things tricky, the company’s main competitor is owned and heavily funded by a State government.

Turning Leaf recommended an education-based marketing plan designed to help clients at every stage of the buying journey.

  • Client surveys helped the company understand it strengths
  • A new website and support materials were developed
  • The client’s brand was revamped to be consistent with client needs
  • An online educational email series was promoted successfully using traditional and digital media
  • Regular promotion and publicity became a driver of the business growth


  • The client experienced substantial growth in crucial market segments.
  • The growth was so significant that the client moved to larger premises to accommodate surging client demand.
  • Client surveys showed surging satisfaction and some 40% of clients have been recruited since the Turning Leaf project began in 2009.