Dirt-cheap ad has the lot – and works..

Handyman ad
“I hand these out and within half an hour I get a call”

I know this ad worked, because I called Mark.

And when Mark arrived to fit our lighting, I asked him about the ad.

He said, “If I finish a job early I walk round the block and hand these out. Most of the time I get a phone call within half an hour – and at the very latest at the end of the day.

Mark’s wife just photocopies and guillotines some of these puppies and they watch the business roll through the door.

What’s great about this ad?

Well, it’s actually a lesson in direct marketing.

Your lesson from Mark the Handyman

First, the headline:

“If you need an electrician or handyman to:”

If you are in need of an electrician or handyman, you are already paying attention.

You’ll be guaranteed to read on.  (As the great copywriter Joe Sugarman said, “your job in copy is just to get your reader to read the next sentence!”)

Second, a great list of bullets:

“Install a fax in the bedroom…”

Most of these bullets are not what people will really want done (I just needed a light installed).  But that’s not the point.  This list is very specific.  It makes you think.  And when you think, you’re thinking in detail.

Next he hits you with this:

“I am a qualified tradesman with an electrical contractors licence (61860c) who charges handyman rates”

Well, he builds confidence (qualified) and SMACK! delivers his reason for being distinctive. He’s cheap as a handyman but can do your electrics.

Finally he gives you the call to action:

“Get Mark on the Mobile”

I did.

(He could ad a testimonial and some kind of work guarantee and he’d get EVEN MORE calls!  And he could probably fix up his logo one day…)















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