Do you like yellow box honey in your tea?

If you haven’t tried tea with honey you’re missing one of the simplest, most satisfying ways to drink it.  But who needs to be messing around with honey from a pot.  Or worse, from the fridge.  All too hard.

You’ll love this new innovation – discovered in a cafe while catching up with digital guru Jen Galama @TrafficAct_Digi the other day at Picolo Padre in Balmain.

Problem solved!  This little honey tube gets served with your tea along with sugar and aspartame options.  Tip – try the honey.

Yellow Box honey is especially nice with Darjeeling (champagne of tea) and no milk.










Here’s their website. My advice to them would be would be to take off the bit about camping.

Why?  Because whenever I used to do research (focus) groups on a new food product, whenever I heard “Oh, that would be GREAT for camping” the product turned out to be a dismal failiure!   I think when people think camping they think “convenience” but remember the average Aussie family probably goes camping once.  Not once a year, I mean, once – ever…

But frankly this product is perfect for cafes, and I hope they do brilliantly.  It’s hard being an innovator in food in Australia at the moment – with the dollar through the roof and the big chains in duopoly – we need to get behind good ideas.


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