E-Commerce Consulting Sydney

Are you about to begin an E-commerce project?

If you’re like most people embarking on an E-commerce project, you’ve already got people in your ear about all sorts of things – social media, security, CRM, site optimisation and all sorts of tiny details. You name it!

And if you said yes to every e-commerce proposal, you’d have about 15 experts around the table!

But here’s the thing.  To start with, don’t you agree you just want to get the basics done right? After all, E-commerce is about business and your customers, not just choosing fancy technology.

Turning Leaf can help you navigate your way through the maze of E-commerce options, spruikers and fads – so you get a successful business model tested and established with a minimum of fuss.

In other words, if you feel the need to “slow down to speed up” we can help you.

Turning Leaf Benefits

If you are setting up a new E-commerce website, Turning Leaf will help you get:

  • Clear understanding of your aims
  • Customer based business model
  • Lower build costs
  • Faster proof of concept
  • Best practice habits

If you are looking to get more out of your existing Ecommerce website

  • Ideas for growth and increased leads
  • Segmentation and direct marketing strategies for increased converson (sales)
  • Testing and optimisation for improved conversion
  • Training and development for junior e-commerce teams

Turning Leaf E-Commerce Consulting Services

We provide 4 Core Ecommerce consulting services

1. Customer journey workshops

The heart of all good E-Commerce

2. Site specification and agency selection

Not sure where to start, or who to turn to?  We’ll help you find the right partners, and make sure they know exactly what you need.  We can prepare detailed RFP documents and help you find the range of experts you need to succeed in Ecommerce.

3. Project management

Not enough time to get your project up and running?  Think of us as your virtual e-commerce director.

4. Consulting and Coaching for your E-Commerce team

If you’ve been tasked by someone to get E-commerce happening “or else” then you may find a lot of extra sleep is gained by having us alongside your business.


All our work is project based, and we don’t start until you have line-of-sight of an ROI.  Then we promise what we can do and back it up with a guarantee.  That way, we take the risk, not you.

The truth of E-Commerce is this: nobody knows what will work (or not) until a site is up, live and testing.  So the ideal development method is to keep things lean while we work that out, then scale up.

That means we are often advising clients to launch a stripped down version of their e-commerce site before they do the rolled-gold version.


a)    We can do things in a way that will help you find the right solution FAST

b)   Some techniques are LIKELY to work better than others in practice.  But we still need   to test…

Our Guarantee

We’ll help get you online and making money.  And if you don’t agree using our services will save you at least 10 times our cost during the process of your E-commerce build, we’ll refund your money with a smile.


We are highly experienced in B2B and B2C.

We have done many projects involving development, ecommerce optimisation, and lead generation.

Sector Expertise

Turning Leaf has extensive experience in E-commerce planning including:

  • FMCG (fast moving consumer goods)
  • Luxury goods
  • Automobiles
  • Finance and investment
  • Software
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Infrastructure
  • Digital marketing – we understand the systems and how they work
  • E-commerce websites – we’ve grown businesses from nothing to huge scale
  • Logistics and fulfilment – we’ve run massive logisitics departments.
  • User experience and site testing – there’s no excuse not to these days
  • Search marketing – paid SEM (marketing) and onsite SEO (optimisation)

What we don’t do

We are NOT a web development agency.  We are here to make sure your project is a success.  We do not do:

  • Coding for e-commerce – we prefer to use established platforms.
  • Design for your site – we can help you find a great web designer, though.
  • E-commerce security – but we can help you find someone who knows this inside and out.
  • Link building – we’re sceptical about link building, ask us why.
  • Social media execution – but we’ll show you how to do it in house (where it should be)

Why choose Turning Leaf?

– Experience:  Matt Braithwaite-Young first built a B2B e-commerce platform in 1996 (almost 20 years ago), so we have been in this game for an internet eternity.

– We take our own medicine:  We use and personally test almost all of the techniques we recommend to our clients.  If we wouldn’t do it – why should you?