Turning Leaf provides experienced, professional facilitation for your business.

Matt Braithwaite-Young

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Facilitation Services include:


    • Large Group Facilitation
    • Consumer journey mapping (user experience)
    • Deep Facilitation (issues and conflict resolution)
    • Sales & Marketing Meetings
    • Board Meetings (formal and teambuilding)
    • Away days
    • Process mapping
    • Training days
    • Planning Sessions

Are you about to run a sales and marketing meeting?

Are you a business leader responsible for creating results with teams?

Have you ever noticed, when you get your team together to do some off-site work or team-building, you leave the room with a lot of energy and commitments from everyone to change and work harder, smarter and more co-operatively?

I ask you this: What happens next?

That’s right, everyone goes back to the office and changes precisely nothing.

What you need is NON RUBBER-BAND facilitation.

Facilitation that helps people genuinely change the way they work when they’re back in the office.

Why facilitation?

Facilitation is a proven technique to help create high-performing teams.
It is also the single best way to involve your people in the creation of your business plan.

As you know, implementation and good teamwork is usually more important than strategy. After all, a good team will change the strategy on the run if it is not working.

The truth is, if you have the “100% solution” implemented at 20% level by your team, you only have a 20% result.

But if you have the 80% solution implemented at 100% level by your team, you’ll get an 80% result.

What is facilitation?

Simply, having someone skilled to guide a group conversation and help make the dialogue easier and/or more focused and productive.

Creation of a safe holding environment for your teams to focus on their work and any issues holding them back from high performance.

Enjoy your meeting for the first time

You’ll also enjoy your work a lot more because you can concentrate on the conversation rather than keeping the conversation on track.

Frankly, your expertise as a thought leader can be used to shape the future rather than wrangling with the team in a conference room.

Benefits of facilitation

    • Build teamwork and trust
    • Help people develop an understanding of their own personality and impacts on teamwork
    • Free your time to work on the business rather than guiding a group
    • Get to the bottom of blockers and issues hidden from the team in their day to day work
    • Increase the productivity of meetings and conferences
    • Provide an experience that leads to behaviour change back in the workplace
    • Get more support for your initiative or projects
    • Unlock the creative potential of your team