Case Study

Typical Client Benefits: Facilitation

  • Ability for leaders to participate in the work of their team rather than control traffic
  • Focus the group on the most important work
  • Watch for and intervene in cases of group dysfunction
  • Encourage the constructive conversation without dodging the big issues
  • Successful management of large groups
  • Handling of difficult or sensitive topics
  • Improved buy-in for action so that plans are actually likely to happen
  • Improved knowledge sharing
  • Leadership development
  • Team formation
  • Culture development

A large food industry distributor approached Turning Leaf with a brief to unify and develop their sales and marketing approach by revamping their annual Sales and Marketing conference.

Turning Leaf worked with the executive team to create a plan of attack designed to make the whole conference about generating shared understanding and then action planning.

A staff survey was conducted to understand the motivations and issues facing the business.
Pre-work designed to ensure that the group would be working with useful information as stimulus.
A full agenda was prepared to allow the team the time to explore their business and opportunities.
At the conclusion of the conference, a complete action plan was developed, with strong buy-in from the whole team.


  • A sense of purpose evolved within the team, and for the first time in 20 years, the CEO was able to participate in the conversation rather than run the event.
  • Marketing and sales teams that had been at each others’ throats discovered common ground and were able to overcome a pricing problem in the market by applying creative thinking,
  • Functional silos disintegrated as the team was challenged to work together to solve the problems (and take advantage of opportunities) facing all of them
  • The new information on sales resulted in excellent discussion amongst state sales teams and the identification of opportunities in different states.
  • Ideas from high performing states were rapidly adopted by other states.