Are you considering Marketing Automation for your business?

Turning Leaf can help you set up Marketing Automation to get more leads and nurture them – resulting in better results for your business.

Before you select the first bit of marketing automation software you come across, call Turning Leaf – we may be able to help you:

  • Save money by selecting the software your business is ready for, whether it’s Infusionsoft, Genius or Office Autopilot for SME marketing automation, through to Pardot or Marketo for the larger firms.  We’ll help you find the software that’s right for you.
  • Speed up your installation and training by showing you and your team the theory and practice behind marketing automation.
  • Create your initial lead pathways by working with you on your ideal “customer journey” map  – this is what people forget to do ALL THE TIME…
  • Set up lead capture and scoring so your sales team is working with the hottest of leads while you nurture the rest.
  • Develop a test and learn programme so your business has built-in learning and evolves from month to month.
  • Save headaches by setting up autoresponder rules and processes so you’re off to a flying start.

Yes, your choice of marketing automation software is important, but nowhere near as important as the basics of good marketing, to wit:

  • What you know about your customers and how to segment them carefully
  • How and why you position your brands against the competition and between each other if you have a portfolio to manage
  • How you plan to nurture leads from “not now” to “yes please”
  • The content you have available to offer
  • Whether you can test to see what will work to make sales
  • The products and services you produce, and the benefits they offer your customers

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is when you use software to help you do the marketing tasks you would do yourself, if you had the time and resources.

Typical features include:

  • Automated communication, email sequences and responses
  • Data capture and addition (automated) and syncing with your main CRM
  • Activity triggers that create a predetermined marketing campaign when triggers are activated
  • Content marketing platforms and the ability to trigger tasks from your sales team when it is needed.
  • Segmentation based on visitor behaviour.  For example people that click on link A are categorised as type A, and people who click link B are classified as type B – ideal for folllow ups.
  • Lead scoring, where the marketing automation system keeps track of who is doing what and applies a “score” – for example, a whitepaper download might be worth 10 points, a web view another 5.  Then the scores can trigger automation or in-person follow up.
  • A/B testing and optimisation tools so you can continuously improve your communications
  • And if you’re selling online, e-commerce integration and calls to action to get the $$$ flowing faster.

We’ve worked with all sorts of marketing automation and CRM systems and can help you get the setup and results you want.

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