Fitness Fraudsters Strike on Park Street

Oh Dear,

The fitness freaks are at it again…

What planet do you have to live on to read


…and not feel screwed when the asterisk comes…

All you pay is your MEMBERSHIP FEE


Duh – that is not “A month of FREE Fitness”.

That is not “ON US.”

A few years ago I had a fitness freak (aka sales agent) chase me for months on end. We were selling Honest Tea into a cafe at the back of their Gym. Instead of saying – can you let me in, I am selling the cafe iced tea, I gave them my phone number. (I know, error).

Anyway eventually after abunch of calls, the sales chick rang all excited and said an old lady was very sick and needed to break her contract. And that I would be doing the old lady a favour if I took over her membership for her – AND I’d save.

I snapped, of course – and suggested that they might want to let the lady off the hook without me. Wisely, they never called back.

While we’re on fitness, how good is this idea…

Hush fitness is outdoor fitness with beamed-in music.

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