How to spin a toxic bridge

This is not starting as a regular marketing-related post but bear with me and all will be revealed…

Take a look at this photo:


When this man was asked why he was wearing a mask, the answer was “because of soil contamination.”

Here’s a question for you… is he:

a) Building a carpark

b) Building a tunnel

c) Building a kids playground

Drumroll please…..

YES – OF COURSE  it’s c) – he’s building a kids playground! MMmmmm. Nice.

Now I would find this funny except this is where my kids play.  Well, they used to play just down the road in perfectly good playground.  But here is a picture of it being torn down, so it could be rebuilt down the road by Mr contamination back there:

old playground smiling clown

And here is what’s there on the old playground site now:

Drilling into old playground site

It’s been bulldozed to make room for a new bridge.  Now in case you are interested, the new bridge is a ridiculous example of government waste, as the whole thing could have been done at far less expense – see: and
But this is a marketing blog, so… I am going to do a series of posts about how government can spin a story on an otherwise disasterous piece of infrastructure spending.

To whet your appetite:

  • When and why should a “bridge duplication” become a “busway”?
  • How can you create a slippery moving target for media?
  • How can you deliver an impression of consultation and still meet your media goals?
  • When do you stonewall and when do you speak up?

All will be revealed!

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