Is this the best testimonial ever?

Testimonials and product demos work.

A lot of people think they are cheesy,  but if you think about what you do when you buy something (anything) I’ll bet you pay attention to them. As they say, what someone else has to say about you is more important than what you say about yourself.

What about this for a testimonial – or is it a demonstration?  Either way, it sure is persuasive:

Mike Maloney's smashed Tesla - will he buy another? Of course...








This is worth reading for a lot of reasons.

First, you see how loyal someone can be when they buy a car and it saves their life.

Second, you’ll learn a bit about the market turmoil and why QE3 is a dud idea.

Third, watch the video of the Tesla factory.  And then watch the ultimate video product demo – the faces on the drivers as they feel the acceleration from the Tesla.

I want a Tesla too, now – that’s the power of Testimonial & Demonstration…

And I forgot to say thanks to TearsoftheMoon @moonsuntruth for sending me this!


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