Megalomanic Fund Manager Takes Over England

Well, not quite EngLAND….

More like, EngLISH…

MLC has taken matters into their own hands and decided to claim trademark rights over the word…. “Advice.”

Above: MLC claims trademark “Advice” on balloons at kids fair

So watch out you super fund managers from competing rorts.

If it wasn’t enough to watch thousands of customers wising up to your rip-off fees and race for the exits due to the total lack of consideration of gold as an asset class over a 10 year bull run (oh, I remember, no commission).

Yes, if the stress of that exodus wasn’t enough to warrant your fat-cat bonuses and inflated salaries, you now have to worry about your frienemies at MLC.

Their IP lawyers are be crawling all over your website RIGHT NOW, like lice, and they’re looking for any time your marketers have accidentally used their word… Advice.

Yes, you must watch out, other super funds because MLC is out to getya.

Actually they may be effective, too.

As a result of the Advice(TM) balloon, I didn’t see a single infringement at the family park fun day at St Georges oval.  Not one.

Good work MLC – you can’t be too careful…

(Next, why not put a TM next to the word “Superannuation.”  That’ll fix ’em.)


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