Playing the right tune – what a top marketing idea!

If marketing is about connecting and engaging people, this Sydney Festival idea – public pianos – is an absolute belter!


When I first saw this piano, some guy had stopped and was playing the “star wars” theme! I was transfixed. Actually later I saw one at Taylor square and a different guy was playing “theme from pink panther” – so I don’t know what happens if you don’t play a movie theme… perhaps they self destruct!   But anyway in both cases there was a crowd gathered to listen, and these Pianos are the highlight of the 2009 Sydney Festival as far as I’m concerned.

But I think it would be fantastic if JC Decaux (or anyone) developed and maintained street furniture like this! I know people would always prefer to have unbranded stuff, but someone has to cover the cost of maintenance and I did see a professional tuner tuning this piano up. It all costs. Brands can pay and reap the benefit of providing a wonderful service and totally breakthrough connection with the passing public.

Public pianos could be a perfect vehicle for sooooo many brands. How about Telstra? Qantas? (connecting people) or Cadbury (moments of joy) – you name it….

The only issue as I would see it would be getting council approval for more permanent installations, but it would be worth a try, I think!

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