RBA Confession: Your Gold is not in Australia

RBA to Aussies: We, um, left your gold with… Her Majesty

In a neat bit of research and pressure by gold blogger Tearsofthemoon, the RBA has just confessed to leaving 99.9% of YOUR gold in London.

Yep, virtually all our national gold reserves are over in London.

Why is this important? Well, why should a stable country like ours keep our gold reserves on the other side of the world?

What’s wrong with a vault in Australia?

I wonder if there’s any 1st-world country on the planet that keeps its reserves so far away from its sovereign territory, and trusts third party government to look after it.

How often are our reserves audited, I wonder.

Hang ON…

Wait a minute…

Perhaps the queen has her eye on our gold:

Come on Julia, Let’s get our reserves back in Australia, where they belong.

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