Sales Training

Turning Leaf sales training will improve your team’s selling capabilities, increase lead conversion rates and enhance your customers’ satisfaction.

Sales training programmes and workshops are customised to suit your business.

Typical client benefits:

  • Improved lead generation
  • Improved conversion from lead to sales
  • Increased sales activity efficiency
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction
  • Increased cross-sell and consumption by existing customers

You can achieve:

  • A common sales approach and system for your entire business
  • Pipeline and opportunity management that actually uses your database or CRM system to help you
  • Practical sales skills and increased confidence levels (confidence pays)
  • Customer-led emotional appeal for your product or service
  • Rolling sales tracking so know who is performing and who needs help

Services offered include:

  • Sales training (theory and role-play, B2B and B2C)
  • Call planning and structured selling plans
  • Negotiation training (theory and practice)
  • Sales and marketing alignment (get them working together)
  • Sales process mapping (steps-to-sale) and resource planning
  • Linking direct marketing and advertising with sales calls
  • Customer lifecycle analysis and sales optimisation
  • Customer service experience analysis and improvement
  • Design of referral and member-get-member programmes
  • Inbound and outbound call strategies and staff training (including cold calling)

Why choose Turning Leaf?

Your trainer is Matthew Braithwaite-Young.  As well as being a qualified trainer and facilitator, Matt understands the demands at the front line of sales.  In fact, he began his extensive sales and marketing career cold-calling for Franklin Mint!

What you’ll learn in a Turning Leaf sales training session:

  • Why a great product or service is the best sales tool going
  • How sales skills can be taught to anyone, no matter how junior or senior
  • Why something you know about the buyer is more important than anything you know about your product or service
  • Why practice and role-play is more important than theory
  • When emotional appeal and liking is more important than technical steps
  • Which repeat exposure type builds familiarity, liking – and sales
  • Why application of common sense pays back in sales
  • Which database and CRM systems can help you (and which hurt)
  • Why “Start with No” negotiation works better than “Win-win” in most cases