Technically Illegal

The food code in Australia currently  prohibits any claim to do with health (with a couple of exceptions such as folate). But the rules are due to be revised in April 09 and the gloves are already coming off….


So… a broad based claim like “the antioxidant superpower” looks like it will be safe.  Or will it?

The new FSANZ guidelines classify antioxidants as a “biologically active substance” so they require (PDF):

  • The amount of biologically active substance present in the food will have to bedisclosed in the nutrition information panel.  (How much antioxidant?)
  • Claims must not include any descriptors in relation to the level of the substance in the food, e.g. that a food is a good source, high in, rich in, and synonymsthereof.  (How much of a Superpower?)
  • The amount of substance necessary to achieve the health effect and the amount contained in a serve of the food must be stated in the general level health claim. (Heath’s angel, but with HOW many drinks?)
  • At least 10% of the amount of biologically active substance that is required to be consumed per day to achieve the desired health effect will have to be present in a serve of food.  (10% of a day’s antioxidants in a drink)
  • All claims will have to be fully substantiated.  (Hmmmm….)

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