This Throat Lozenge Teaches You

What’s more important than almost everything else in marketing, and ignored by almost everyone, especially agency creatives?

Positioning, that’s what.

Positioning is how you want your product or service to be seen, to be quickly categorised by a busy customer.

There are lots of ways of positioning your product but for a masterclass in positioning, look at VOCALZONE lozenges.

Now my bet is, most throat lozenges have pretty much the same ingredients and do the same “job” at a functional level.  You have a sore throat, you suck on a lozenge.

How else can you position a lozenge?

You could be medicated, like Strepsils.

You could be warm and comforting, like Butter Menthols.

You could clear the nose and head, like Vapodrops.


Now what about Vocalzone, introduced to me last week by JC.

This is the lozenge for TALKERS, SINGERS and SMOKERS who need to regain their VOICE.

And the afterthought… if you have a cold you can use us too.

This is brilliant positioning.  I wonder if it has enough volume behind it.  I suspect it would…

I’m never going to buy another lozenge again.

Yes, it tastes disgusting.  So it has to work, right?


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