Those screams you hear

The screams you hear at the moment are me not being able to find anything.

You see, it’s chaos in Lilyfield – Ben the painter is doing up the B-Y household.  I can’t find anything because all the furniture is huddled together in the centre of each room.

But it will all be over soon.

And although we paid a bit more for Ben the Painter than for the Mr Cheapy, now I know why.

Apart from a nice paint job I’m re-learning marketing from Ben.

Here he is, a veritable walking university of marketing:

Ben the Painter - you can find him on facebook

Here are the marketing lessons I’ve picked up from the Goo-roo of paint:

1.  Show – and maybe even tell – your customers you love your job.  Ben makes sure you know how he feels about painting. And it gives you confidence.

2.  Wear gloves so you can a) shake hands with people with clean hands and b) then make a point about your attention to detail.  I wonder what the equivalent to gloves is in your industry?  Is it using a calculator to be precise?  Ruling with a ruler rather than freehand?

3.  Innovate.  Ben does oil based woodwork FIRST, not last (shock: you’re “supposed” to do it last) and uses TAPE to mask trim so cutting in is a breeze (shock – you’re “supposed” to cut in freehand).  I ran this past another painter I know and he said “oh, I always cut in freehand” (yeah? Well are you faster or more effective in terms of output?  doubt it!)

4.  Measure response to your advertising. Ben counts the number of cards missing from his A-frame promo board.  That’s campaign measurement right there.

5. Value new business as a potential source of a whole new referrals network. Ben knows that a totally fresh recruit is a valuable thing.

6.  Spend a lot of time in preparation to make the application go smoothly.

7.  Involve the client in the big reveal.  Ben lets you peel back the first bits of protective tape, so you see the new paint job revealed.

8.  Start early.  Ben is on the job by 7am.

9.  Pick the right music.  Ben uses music that flows, so he can work to a delicate rhythm.  He tells me he listens to Metallica on the way home!

10.  Cleaning up is visible progress.  Sweeping up and keeping things neat is definitely a big tick in the “VP” department.

11.  Always keep learning.  Ben is a regular on a painters’ online forum.  That means he stays abreast of all the latest techniques and technology that can help him finish each job with speed and a great finish.

12.   Point out to the client the little extras you are doing along the way.

You can find Ben here if you need a painter.  (No he didn’t pay me to write this…)


2 thoughts on “Those screams you hear

  1. Thanks again Matt for the great tips! I particularly like point 12 …. reinforcing to the client your expertise is essential in helping them to value your service ….

    • Exactly – increasing the value perception along the way, like a ratchet click with each little “Extra”.

      “I know I quoted you for one topcoat – but I’ve given you two” – music to a client’s ears.

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