If you want to start or develop your e-commerce (website transactional) business, Turning Leaf can help.

E-commerce projects can become truly enormous.  How can you keep a lid on costs and make sure you go live as soon as practical?

The answer is to hire Turning Leaf to help you write the right brief, find the right partners, and get your online business humming.

Our team has all worked client side, so we know the challenges you face first-hand.  We understand the challenges of developing e-commerce in an established business (channel conflicts, internal support.. we’ve been there) and we also know how to get moving from a blank page.

Here are the benefits of working with Turning Leaf on your e-commerce project:

  • Boards and CEOs support your project because we do not use technical language – they “get it”
  • Finance directors support your projects because we help you start with financial goals – and measure success
  • More political support for your e-commerce project through our inclusive strategy development process
  • Faster development through clearly prioritised goals
  • Lower costs of development through sharp briefing
  • Higher customer / consumer satisfaction scores through attention to detail
  • Continuous improvement culture through the establishment of a test-and-roll-out approach to web development
  • Increased organisational capacity to measure and develop e-commerce business in-house

We offer the following services for our e-commerce clients: 

  • Business model development
  • Integrated marketing strategy
  • Online market research and MVP (minimum viable product) testing
  • Setting marketing metrics
  • Finding and selecting partners including RFP (Request For Proposal) and Tender management
  • Briefing agencies 
  • Managing build progress

Why Turning Leaf?  Why not just talk to my web guys?

First, you may need a hand finding the right developers for your e-commerce project.  Do you need an agency at all?  What platform (software) will they need to be familiar with?   Will they be able to handle the complexity?  Should they be local?  Overseas?

Even if you have an existing web or e-commerce firm selected, you will still want to give them a clear and tight brief.

Turning Leaf will give you neutral advice aimed at getting you the right result for your e-commerce business. 

Case Studies:

  1. We helped a multinational luxury goods business develop their first e-commerce division.  Our services included preparation of RFP documents, agency selection, project establishment.   Result:  A thriving e-commerce business.
  2. We helped a local retailer with a small e-bay business explode sales by establishing a mainstream e-commerce website and a stream of buyer traffic from advertising.  Result:   The retailer’s online turnover rose from approximately $500,000 to well over $3,000,000 in 18 months.
  3. We developed a lead generation system for a wholesale fashion business as well as a prototype direct-to-consumer marketplace.  Result:  Success – see the testimonial below.


“Advance Design has been working closely with Turning Leaf for the past 12 months.  Our objective was to develop a “marketing machine” to reach prospects of a specified size in specified markets.

12 months on, what I have received has surpassed my expectations.  From Christine and Annie’s attention to detail and personal dedication to building our new website, to Matt’s personal passion, perhaps obsession, with staying right at the very forefront of digital marketing, we have “cracked the code”. 

The leads we receive today are generally smack on our target market and in many cases the prospect seems to know quite a bit about us when they email or call.  If you have long term interest in growing your business, Turning Leaf are your people.”

Ray Lehrer, Managing Director, Advance Design

“It has been a real pleasure to work with you. You have contributed so much and been a part of the journey and development the team has gone through … you are part of the team…!”

Boris De Vroomen, Managing Director, Moët Hennessy Australia New Zealand

How Turning Leaf Can Help You:

Business Case and Training

  • E-commerce workshops
  • Executive training
  • Team establishment (launch)
  • Team training 
  • Business model development

Phases of E-commerce

  • Scoping for feasibility (should we do e-commerce?)
  • Establishing capability
  • Locating and connecting partners
  • Briefing
  • Building and development
  • Rollout and measure

 Technical Expertise

  • Cloud app integration 
  • Brand development
  • Luxury brands online
  • Inbound search – Google Adwords, SEM (search engine marketing)
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Promotional tactics and options
  • Social media Testing (beta)
  • Testing (live A/B testing)


  • Media planning 
  • Link to campaigns 
  • Single-source data and sales attribution 

Measurement and Evaluation

  • Advanced analytics and attribution
  • Response benchmarking and reporting

Leads and Sales Growth

  • Customer Relationship Management systems and analysis (CRM)
  • Direct response strategt
  • Sales pathways
  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)
  • Marketing automation
  • Market segmentation (statistical, behavioural)

Establishment of Capability

  • Consumer or Customer journey
  • RFP (request for Proposal)
  • Supplier analysis and shortlisting
  • Tendering


  • Consumer
  • Luxury
  • Business – services
  • Business – industrial

Turning Leaf founder Matt Braithwaite-Young built his first e-commerce website in 1996 for Unilever Australia in Cold Fusion.  20 years is an eternity in internet years!  Since then Turning Leaf has commissioned and been involved in the build of hundreds of commercial websites.  We’ve seen all the traps along the way (and made our share of mistakes, frankly) – so let us help you avoid them!