Where does it come from?

A few days ago we were invited to a farm near Camden on the outskirts of Sydney, where we met with the lovely Grech family – they run Grech Farms.  Grech Farms has been going for many many years now, and this farm grows a lot of potatoes.

digging for spuds

I am ashamed to say that as I watched my kids learn where potatoes come from, I too was learning!  Later that evening we had the best potato salad I have ever had, along with fresh corn from the neighbour’s farm.  The potatoes from this farm go to Smiths crisps.  They may not be the healthiest food around, but now I understand why they taste so good.

I wonder if there is an opportunity for food marketers all over Australia to remind (educate) consumers about where their food comes from?

Oh, and all kids should visit a farm and dig something up!


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