You’re not alone.

As a head of marketing, there can be a huge amount of pressure resting on your shoulders. But you don’t want to just complete your work. You want to exceed expectations. And this goal can’t be achieved if you pick the wrong agency.

Our team specialises in helping large companies find the perfect creative agency.

Through our in-depth analysis of your organisations specific requirements, we will form a shortlist of agencies that suit your needs. Chemistry meetings will then cut this list down to only contain agencies that are a perfect cultural fit for your organisation.

And finally, the exciting part begins.

The agency pitch.

You’ll get to see how different agencies plan to bring your vision alive. Which agency will be able to turn your creative spark into a burning flame?

The truth is, finding a new agency doesn’t have to be intimidating. We will streamline the whole process for you. And we guarantee that we can guide you through the selection process faster and at a lower cost than any other intermediate agency. 

So, let us help you exceed expectations.

Our process includes:

  1. Planning an agency selection timeline
  2. Formation of an initial longlist
  3. Contacting agencies and checking for any conflicts of interest
  4. Shortlist procurement and chemistry meetings
  5. Preparation of R.F.P, Brief & Tissue Sessions
  6. Agency pitch facilitation
  7. SLA & Negotiations
  8. Continued support through creative development
  9. Creation of KPI’s
We will assist you through each step of finding an agency