Having a strong strategy can make the difference between enduring, profitable growth and the misery of decline. A good strategy brings increased sales and market share, and sets up a virtuous cycle of brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

Turning Leaf will help you put your customer back at the heart of your strategy. You will end up with a strong plan, a united team and a clear focus on the things that matter most; success, share and profitable sales growth.


Many companies simply do not have a strong, cohesive and relevant strategy. Often, their market share is falling and growth is sluggish at best. Teamwork, where it exists, fails to get results due to wasted energy and lack of cohesion and clear direction. Typically we see the following signs:

  • Slowing growth
  • Lost market share to competitors
  • Confusion, misalignment or wasted energy in teams
  • Issues ignored willfully or through blindness/familiarity


A good strategic plan saves energy and helps your company use its strengths to sell more of your product or service, to more people, more often.   It deals with the roadblocks you face so you can address your market and grow with confidence.

With a good strategic plan in place you’ll notice:

  • Momentum to move forward in pursuing defined objectives, coherent policies and achievable goals. Roadblocks and issues will be addressed so that employees are able to confidently take actions to win against the competition.
  • Clarity over what direction the business is moving will save wasted energy and helps your company use its strengths to sell more of your product or service. Employees will have a shared understanding of the market and, more importantly, the consumer. Ultimately, this clarity will allow individuals to make the right choices and focus on your business’ must-win battles.
  • Alignment between team members improves company culture and facilitates good work. A well-aligned team is aware of what role each member fulfills and makes sure each individual is held accountable for the success of the organization as a whole.


Our Point of View

All our strategy work begins and ends with your ultimate profit centre – your customer.

We have a simple approach to strategy formulation:

  • What challenge or problem are you trying to solve?
  • What guiding policies would help your organisation meet the challenge and win in your chosen market?
  • What suite of actions, when unified, would realistically get you the outcome you need?

We tailor a strategy development process to suit your company and its specific market, employee and stakeholder needs.

Our process usually involves:

  • Kick off and stakeholder interviews
  • Problem definition and issues identification
  • Information review and hypothesis development
  • Insight development and application planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Measurement planning

When You Work with Turning Leaf You’ll usually want outcomes such as:

  • 3-5 year strategic plan (strategy pyramid)
  • 1-2 year GAME plan – implementation Goals Activities Measurement Evaluation
  • Market and competitive mapping and trends
  • Consumer Insight and application
  • P&L (Profit and Loss) and market share projections
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Brand positioning statement /value proposition
  • New Product Development plan
  • Category plan
  • Measurement plan
  • Dashboards and KPIs
  • Workplans and RASCIs (teamwork models)
  • Transformation planning and change management


 Turning Leaf can help with any aspect of growth strategy, and especially: 

  •   Competitor analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Consumer and customer research
  • Brand Positioning
  • Value Proposition development
  • Category and market strategy
  • Business Plan creation
  • Channel planning
  • Portfolio planning and positioning
  • Implementation planning
  • Customer Value Optimisation
  • Sales planning
  • Category management


A mid-sized family-owned construction firm approached Turning Leaf with a strategy challenge. Their sales were slowing and branded market share in key categories was declining. On top of this, there were internal clashes between the interests of family members and employees.

Through a series of facilitated strategy development seminars, we reviewed the facts and came up with options for turning the business back to growth. After validating the suggested strategies, we suggested a focus on two key brands (and reduced focus on others) in high-growth categories. Alongside a revitalised brand portfolio approach (with more distinctive brand positioning), the revised strategy created a new level of engagement with their wholesalers and end customers. The results were significant share gains and the business returned to profitable growth even in a difficult economic environment.

This outcome was only achievable by establishing a collaborative work ethic within the company. This culture was formed throughout the facilitated seminars as we created a strategy that addressed the concerns of all parties involved in the business.

Anyone reading this review can take it for granted that Matt absolutely has the background knowledge and know-how when it comes to strategy facilitation as well as detailed knowledge regarding the various strategy models out there. What I would like to articulate in this review, is the care, attention, and detail that Matt gave up front in order to really tease out what our organization required and wanted to get out of this project. Once established, he designed a tailor-made program to facilitate the desired outcomes. It was clear that there was a significant amount of work put in at the front end in order to deliver the fantastic results at the back end.” Amar Jassal, General Manager, Marshall Investments


Creating a pathway to help you achieve your goals.